SISTEMA, S.A.: Engineering partnerships in Latin America and Africa

Thursday, 03 March 2016

The Engineering, Territory Services and Environment Company SISTEMA, S.A., (its Spanish acronym) is an engineering consulting firm set up in 1977. Since then, it has designed and controlled civil engineering works related to the infrastructure, water, urbanism and port work fields. 

Since its beginning, it has performed projects that add more than 100km of motorway or highway, around 400km of road, several operations in hydraulic and maritime constructions, as well as multiple urban actions. All this has turned SISTEMA, S.A. into a consulting firm with a big technical capacity. 

The SISTEMA Engineering main activity is the development of engineering projects through bidding processes, both national and international, and also through private clients, promoters and construction companies. The services this company offers have an independent nature, without any connection with construction companies, manufacturers or equipment suppliers, and nor with financial entities.   

The services it provides are focused on Transportation Engineering, Water Engineering, Marine and Coastal Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Earth and Underground Engineering, Mining Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning. 



Why do you think that looking at the overseas markets is interesting for the business development?


It is always good to distribute risks in diverse markets. The crisis we have been suffering has greatly affected our sector and it is still persistent. This is why, in the field in which the activity of SISTEMA Engineering is developed, the internationalization becomes necessary, not only as a philosophy in order to keep on tackling engineering projects, but also as a means to keep an structure and not to depend on one single market. 




Which projects are you currently carrying out abroad? In which countries and why?

Currently, SISTEMA is developing projects in the following countries: 


- Technical assistance in auxiliary buildings of the Panama Canal third set of locks, along with FCC Industrial. We do the recalculation of the air-conditioning, BT and piping systems of all the auxiliary buildings that constitute the emblematic site.

- Building project of the PH Victoria María (12 floors).

- Drinking Water purification plant in Los Pozos.

Cabo Verde

Development Project of the Tourist Development and Investment Area of Santa Mónica. Ilha de Boavista.

Colombia: in the implementation stage. We expect to open an office in the first six months of 2016.


Which products or services do you think that are more interesting in order to internationalize your company?

All the services based on the added value that SISTEMA as a Spanish Engineering Company can offer.


What problems have you faced when getting out? How did you solve them? Did you find support?

The main problem is the small size of the Canarian engineering companies, both in the economic field and in the number of workers, compared to the big global and Spanish engineering groups. 

Jumping into the external markets has always been done along with clients who already know the work of SISTEMA and who want to keep on collaborating abroad. 
We have got support from the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade), through the ICEX-NET Programme, and from PROEXCA (the Canarian Society of Economic Promotion), through the programme which supports the internationalization process Canarias APORTA.


Have you already achieved any accomplishment internationally?

Working in the Panama Canal with the big construction companies has been a huge challenge for our company and, at the same time, it will remain in our professional knowledge for other future projects.


Why would you recommend going abroad?

I do not recommend it to anyone who does not believe that the internationalization process is another business objective and not a necessity. 
Eduardo Sánchez Gómez      

Project Manager. SISTEMA, S.A.
Tel: +34 928 384 712 / 649921062
Mail: /
SISTEMA, S.A. of Panama:
SISTEMA Ingenierie Senegal:




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