Green light to Russian chocolate and cookies factory at dock

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Russian chocolate and cookies factory, which will be settled at the fishing dock in the port of the capital, continues taking the necessary steps to, throughout this year, comes into being a project that would create around 300 job, plus those needed to construct the infrastructure. The company, United Confectionary SL (UniConf), that has since last year the corresponding administrative grant in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has received the approval to its basic urbanization project by Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo (Municipal Management for Town Planning). As Carlos Garcinuño, the Councillor for Town Planning, confirmed to DIARIO DE AVISOS, once the company presents the construction project, they will be able to request the license to start with works, after correcting some mistakes,

As the Councillor detailed, once the company have obtained this administrative authorization, which is valid for six months, and after correcting the mistakes and presenting the construction project; they will be able to begin with the construction of the building.

This way, the construction of this Russian chocolate and cookies factory could begin this year. The industry, which will create around 300 jobs, could be operating along next year. The Port Authority, after granting the installation license to the company last year, revealed some details about it. The factory will be located at the fishing dock and it will take up 15 720 square meters. The granting is extendable by next 35 years. United Confectionary SL, after obtaining the Town Planning license, will be able to begin work within two months, but no exceeding, under any circumstances, 24 months. UniConf output has, among their recipients, African consumers.  


The factory project suppose a 6 250 000 euro investment. United Confectionary deposited 5% of this quantity (312 500) as a guarantee after having the administrative grant by Port Authority. This is an authorization valid for 35 years and it will be extendable under the conditions established by Tenerife port. This factory will produce mainly chocolate and cookies for export and their object is their products arrive Africa, in a volume that reaches 3000 tones/year, as per it is detailed in the project they presented to the port of the capital. 

Original source: Diario de Avisos



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