Tagua exports the Canary experience in the water sector

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tagua counts with a multidisciplinary team of professionals and specialized technical means to manage any phase of the COMPREHENSIVE CYCLE OF WATER: harvesting, treatment, desalination, distribution, sanitation, purification, reusing.


The purpose is act in the most effective way on the water management in all its possible uses: urban consumption, agriculture, industry, tourism and leisure; based on a strategy pointed to offer personalised solutions to their clients. Tagua has experience on planning, implementation or subsequent operation, maintenance and conservation of water infrastructures.

"Internationalisation must not be considered as a supplementary activity, much less as a way to solve domestic matters. To go overseas you have to be trained and with your duties done."

What is the principal activity of the company at present?


Since Tagua’s creation, we have developed our activity in the water sector, although the philosophy of permanent innovation that characterises us, causes the continuous incorporation of the latest technologies and the more advanced treatment processes. In this way, we have specialized in the management of water-distribution networks, desalination, purifying or remote control and tele-management of water infrastructures.

Why do you think foreign markets are interesting for business development?


The implementation of our solutions in other markets is possible due to the degree of maturity we have achieved in the Canary market, the availability of high added value products and services, and the experience gained; so we have efficient water infrastructures and a management that enables water access in appropriate conditions according to each user’s requests.

Which projects are you currently doing overseas? In which countries and why?


In West Africa, we are very oriented to everything associated with sea water desalination and sewage treatment. However, in America, Asia and a part of Africa, efforts are more focused on the implementation of our technology (HINDROP) to eliminate fluoride in human consumption water, which is the main health issue in many of these parts of the world. HINDROP enables us the access to a market of 25 countries and 430 million people exposed to a harmful to health fluoride concentration.

Which products or services do you think are more interesting to internationalise? 


Certainly, we have bet for those with higher added value and more differentiated in the market. We do not pretend to compete with the local firms that already provide their solutions, but offer other less embedded and less-explored treatment technologies and water management.

Which problems have you faced at the time of going overseas? How have you solved them? Have you been supported?

Internationalisation requires the perseverance and the involvement of the whole company’s staff, although having a very well-defined plan is important for the daily introduction to international markets. A Good Internationalisation Plan is a basic tool that orients to the internationalisation success, together with institutions’ aids, such as the Canary Government through Proexca.


Have you achieved any attainment at the international level?


A desalination plant in Morocco has been recently allotted us and, taking into account the very innovative character of HINDROP –material for the elimination of fluoride developed by Tagua-, we are running pilot tests for potential customers in Argentina, Mexico and India that will help the introduction of this technology in the market.

Why would you recommend the internationalisation?


To be present in several markets allows the growth and consolidation of the activities developed by companies who take that step. The Canary market is little in comparison with other territories. Internationalisation must not be considered as something supplementary for the business activity, but it must occupies a central place; it has not be considered as a solution for domestic matters. To go overseas you have to be trained and with your duties done.


Luis González - CEO TAGUA

Tel. +34 902 080 910

Email: tagua@tagua.es

Web: www.tagua.es

Translated by  Kamar  Amougai Álamo,  February 19 th 2018



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