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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The editorial OB STARE, founded in 2001 by Eva Darias, has a wide collection of books on the birth, upbringing and early childhood, especially stressing the children’s collection Lettters of Love. Moreover, we also distribute the Twice upon a time collection for certain international territories.

Our editorial, of recognized standing in the sector, offers well-differentiated contents, fairly subject to trends and with a considerable fidelity of consumers; all under the conciliatory perspective of Por una sociedad de Paz, our editorial slogan. Some attributes that position us in a clearly advantageous status are:

      -    Overspecialisation in labour, maternity, upbringing and early childhood from less specialised visions.

      -    Educational contents, especially in the children’s collection.

-   Transmission of universal values, such as gender equality, family and social reconciliation, extended mutual support, respect for diversity and the consideration of nature and what is natural.

      -    Objectivity, professionalism and social commitment.

      -    Aesthetic quality and outstanding contents.

OB STARE is a micro-SME established in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with international, national and regional distribution, both through general distributors and in various international and national book selling portals.

"The international expansion of our company represent, besides the economic development, a greaat opportunity to expand a new vision, especially in Latin America, based on ther scientific evidence around the long-term influence on our health, in the way that we are born, grew up and educate."

What is the principal activity of your company currently?

At present, the principal activity of our company is the production of books related to the above mentioned topics. In addition, we are developing the Program OB STARE Emprende, an undertaking project with OB STARE in different Latin American countries, as a business opportunity primarily aimed at mothers (although there are men in our team too) who want to establish their own direct sales business of our products. This Program facilitates us arrive at specific points of sale that general distributors do not.

Why do you think foreign markets are interesting for business development?

The international expansion of our company represents, besides the economic development, a great opportunity to expand a new vision, especially in Latin America, based on the scientific evidence around the long-term influence on our health, in the way that we are born, grew up and educate.

Which projects are you presently doing overseas? In which countries and why?

In the latest years, we have participated in the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico) and in promotional events in Chile, Argentina and Peru. In October 2017, we took part in different actions about the end of violence against children and the development and consolidation of Peace in Colombia, with my own participation and the presence of Cristina Romero, author of our international best-seller “The Girl’s Red Book”, among others.

Thanks to our active presence in the mentioned before countries, we realise that other services which are widely welcome, besides the sale of products (books, in our case), are professional trainings through our authors (the vast majority, health, social and education workers) and entrepreneurship by the direct marketing of our books.

Which problems have you faced when going overseas? How have you solved them? Have you been supported?

We must say that, some years ago, we started the internationalisation process on our own, that is, with our own resources and without expert advice. They were hard times. Nevertheless, in 2015, we began an Internationalisation Program with IcexNext and, thanks to the professional expert advice and the financial support of the program, our international expansion has taken a new turn that make us very optimistic. In fact, while in 2015 our export figure was 7.25% of the total turnover, we accomplished 32.45% in 2016. As at 31st October 2017, our export figure with respect to 2016 has increased over 80%. With this data, it is evident that specialized advice and institutional support have meant an unprecedented change for OB STARE in our business activity.

Our experience has been extraordinary, both with IcexNext and with the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce and, at the same time, it has helped us to restore confidence in the institutions.

Until now, we had the greatest challenge was the US market, but we continue working and we trust that the difficulties we have faced will be disappeared.

Why would you recommend internationalisation?

Therefore, we undoubtedly encourage Canary companies to look beyond any border or difficulty they can imagine. We can go overseas and succeed. We must believe in our products and services. And we should also allow ourselves to be guided by the experts.

Eva Darias - CEO Editorial OB STARE

Tel. +34 922 540 513

Email: obstare@obstare.com

Web: www.obstare.com

Translated by  Kamar  Amougai Álamo,  February 20 th 2018


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