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Tuesday, 06 March 2018

In 1996, Doctor Elisa Fernández submitted to the office of patents and trademarks the prototype of Nightbra, the world’s first anti-wrinkle bra.


The idea of seek a solution to cleavage wrinkles –there is not surgical treatment- is attributable to the dedication and technical and anatomical knowledge of Doctor Elisa Fernández and the concern of many women about cleavage.


Nightbra is born from the combination of her profession and her passion, dressmaking. In 1996, Dr. Elisa Fernández designed the first prototype and, in 2004, she established her own factory having the whole control of the production chain. Thus, the perfect anti-wrinkle cleavage bra and posture corrector, NIGHTBRA, was born, fully manufactured in Spain.


Therefore, throughout these 20 years, Nightbra has received multiple Awards, highlighting the bronze medal of the medical field in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and the European Business Award.


As a doctor, gynaecologist and pathological anatomy specialist, she was not only care about cleavage wrinkles originated when sleeping, but she added multiple functions in its design, as the correction of the back posture and the benefits in augmentation and reduction mammoplasty and during the postoperative of breast reconstruction.

"There is a moment when the initial market where you were during the first years is swamped, it seems that you do not progress; to overcome it, you need to reach to more markets and that is the need of going overseas"

What is the principal activity of the company at present?


Products are commercialised by Méndez Chaín Company, under the trade name of Nightbra. We are focused on the online market to advice directly our current and potential customers. In this way, there shall be less information loss, we will always detail and explain with certainty and with technical and medical training how Nightbra works, the right size, if buy or not, if it will serve to your medical problems (back, mammoplasties…).


All the design, manufacturing and commercialisation process of Nightbra and its cosmetic line is done in the Canary Islands.


Why do you think foreign markets are interesting for business development?


For various reasons, such as the national market is swamped, increasing sales and profits, improving the trademark or the corporate image, forming strategic alliances, the appearance of new niche markets.


All of that has been based on a marketing plan, basically of communication, product efficacy demonstration by the support of prescribers (trendy bloggers, television programmes…).


Which projects are you presently doing overseas? In which countries and why?


Our main market is national and the international is on the rise. Thanks to our business model, based on electronic commerce, we can arrive at all parts of the world. We are sending shipments to Australia, Germany in Europe and Miami in the US, among others.


At present, we are looking at Spanish speaking countries. We want to introduce our product in those countries, firstly in Colombia and Brazil due to the interest of the feminine people in beauty and aesthetic issues.


Which products or services do you think are more interesting to internationalise?  


All is up to the target country or countries. Any product or service is perfect to internationalise, you just have to find the market which needs them. I consider that services, mainly online, are a high potential activity for internationalisation because it is possible to work from the country of origin.


Which problems have you faced at the time of going overseas? How have you solved them? Have you been supported?


Contacts and finance. We have made contacts but we are focusing our efforts on B2C, introducing the product via networks. Although we are still working on internationalisation through alliances and distribution.


We have been supported by ICEX and we hope more support thanks to Proexca.


Have you achieved any attainment at the international level?


We got into European markets and we are starting in Spanish speaking countries, but much work remains to be done. Everything has been done using B2C; now the objective is the distribution.


Has internationalisation been easy? How did your experience start?


We are still in the process and it has not been and will not be easy, it is like we have a do-over. You are in a country where nobody knows you. In addition, it is more complicated because Nightbra is a special and new product in those markets.


Why would you recommend the internationalisation?


There is a moment when the initial market where you were during the first years is swamped, it seems that you do not progress; to overcome it, you need to reach to more markets and that is the need of going overseas.

Elisa González del Chavéz Fernández

Gerente de Nightbra

Tel: +34 922 647 169



Translated by  Kamar  Amougai Álamo,  February 22 th 2018


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