DESIC, innovative solutions for road passenger transport companies, expands its activity overseas

Tuesday, 06 March 2018

DESARROLLO Y SISTEMAS INFORMÁTICOS CANARIOS, S.L. (DESIC) is a Consulting Company specialized in information technologies founded in 1997 and dedicated to providing the best solutions in information systems for the management of public and private organisations.


DESIC consisted of a four people team highly qualified on ORACLE’s products and tools in its infancy. Afterwards, we created a new business line for SAP’s consultancy projects, for which we obtained SAP Business Agent certification (SAP Member, now). Likewise, we have achieved important milestones as being part of “Alliance Member” (ORACLE) and obtaining the ORACLE Approved Education Center certification.


From its creation in October 1997, and due to its connection to the passenger transport company GLOBAL, DESIC has remained as strategy the development of specific software for the management of companies dedicated to the regular transport of bus passengers. It has been mainly set in the last two years developing their own software package that includes Sat2, ANDRONOVO and Bus tools. On the one hand, the knowledge and experience gained in the projects done for our clients (Salcai-Utinsa, Guaguas Municipales, City Sightseeing Spain, Autoridad Única del Transporte de Gran Canaria, Dirección General de Transportes del Gobierno de Canarias, among others) have been translated into this progress. On the other hand, our consultants and software developers have worked on R&D&I with the collaboration of universities, the Clúster Canario del Transporte y la Logística and other companies and experts in transport technology.


Have a clear objective in mind is key for this: offer a complete and integrated business solution so our clients can accelerate their companies and optimise their operations.


Therefore, DESIC is nowadays a consolidated company that solves information society’s needs designing, implementing and adapting specific solutions with our own project management methodology.

¿Going overseas? ... We kept in mind internationalisation because we did not rely on more growth capacity in the Canary market, since it is small. If any company is in a situation similar to ours, in a market where cannot keep growing, I would recommend it."

What is the principal activity of the company at present?

Since its inception, DESIC has worked in IT Consulting and Software Development, with both tailor-made software development and own products development which has increased in the last courses. Initially, our activity was centred on Gran Canaria and then we started a process of expansion, first in Tenerife and we were recently considering out of the Canary Islands.


At present, the company offers a diversified portfolio of services and solutions that includes areas such as SAP, ORACLE, Health, Public Administrations, Transport and, mainly, solutions for companies dedicated to regular transport of passengers by road on the basis of the three specific solutions for land transport of passenger by road developed by DESIC: sat2, ANDRONOVO and Bus Operative.


Why do you think foreign markets are interesting for business development?


Since 2012, we do an analysis of our abilities and market possibilities with the collaboration of consultants who have advised us about the most appropriate strategy.


There are two conclusions with regard to foreign markets from this analysis:


First of all, there is a target market at national level and other at international level (Chile, Brazil, and France). In France, particularly, market is mature, with a very similar way of working and technologies to that in Spain, in a time of change and need of technological renovation; together with geographical and idiosyncrasies proximity identify France as a very interesting and potential market.


Secondly, the strategy chosen for this business opportunity was the commercialisation of our own software, developed entirely in Canarias and maintained from here, which functions in the cloud by pay-as-you-go system. Sale, installation and on-site support should be done through a network of commercial and technical collaborators in order to further minimising the need to have personnel and technical means of your own out of Canarias.


In 2015, we have already created the first collaborative trade arrangements to work in Chile and Brazil markets in LATAM Airlines, and France and Spain in the European Union.


Which projects are you presently doing overseas? In which countries and why?


We are presently working in the above mentioned markets so they are suitable to commence internationalisation process. We started with our Sat2 products, our applications suite designed to cover the whole production value chain of a company dedicated to the regular transport of bus passengers, and ANDRONOVO, our intelligent platform tasked with the design, optimisation and implementation of transport networks.


From these two products and in collaboration with City Sightseeing Spain, Bus Operative is born: a passenger land transport control and follow-up software that can be adjusted to the users’ needs. It is a comprehensive system consisted of three different applications (Bus2Monitor, Bu2OnBoard and Bus2App).


With the support of City Sightseeing organisation, we also decided to internationalise this system since the target market was very segmented and spread to many countries (all City Sightseeing franchises).


Which products or services do you think are more interesting to internationalise?  


Apart of Sat2 and ANDRONOVO, the most interesting product to internationalise is Bus Operative, made for a specific client (any City Sightseeing franchises), which is fully working. Thus, we have a perfectly segmented client base and a completely customized product.


In addition, there is a point in our favour in this regard: have participated at the 2017 City Sightseeing Annual Conference in Amsterdam and have appeared in City Sightseeing’s magazine, Top Deck.


Which problems have you faced at the time of going overseas? How have you solved them?


The major problem DESIC has faced was the lack of knowledge of the company out of our barriers and leaving out of our comfort zone. Although at first we went to a potential clients sector, previously designed, with Sat2 and ANDRONOVO, they were “opposed” to a product demonstration of a Spanish company based in Canarias they did not know.


Afterwards, things changed with Bus Operative. The company and its products became well-known in conferences and international press, what is nowadays reflected on the communications with our potential clients.


The support given by City Sightseeing Spain is the most remarkable, as well as the collaborative trade arrangements to work in Chile and Brazil markets in LATAM Airlines, and France and Spain in the European Union.


We also want to highlight the support given by PROEXCA at the time of going overseas since they gave the push DESIC needed.


Have you achieved any attainment at the international level?


First, laying the foundations for local collaboration in different target markets, because without these agreements internationalisation would be complicated.


Thanks to Bus Operative and our participation at the 2017 City Sightseeing Annual Conference in Amsterdam, DESIC has managed to make itself as a brand. Also, the publication of an article in Top Deck, City Sightseeing’s internal magazine, has served as an information multiplier in our market segment.


Finally, it should be noted that we are part of Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica business cluster.


Has internationalisation been easy? How did your experience start?


As we said, going overseas has been quite complicated because, although we had a team of professionals with extensive experience and success in projects of the field, we were “unknown” in view of the foreign market. But, at the same time, we had the first collaborative trade arrangements to work in Chile and Brazil markets in LATAM Airlines, and France and Spain in the European Union.


Later, DESIC has achieved to position itself and break the lack of knowledge thanks to the 2017 City Sightseeing Annual Conference, Top Deck magazine and our commercial efforts, both on-site and distance.



Why would you recommend the internationalisation?


In the case of DESIC, we kept in mind internationalisation because we did not rely on more growth capacity in the Canary market, since it is small. If any company is in a situation similar to ours, in a market where cannot keep growing, I would recommend it.


Some of the advantages we can emphasise are medium-and long-term company’s growth, building more confidence in our clients and the possibility of reaching to new emerging markets.



David León Sánchez

Director General DESIC

Tel: +34 928 374 026




Translated by  Kamar  Amougai Álamo,  February 22 th 2018


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