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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 is a 100% Canarian Company leading the business sector of creation and development of digital content. It has been selected among thousands of startups around the world to be part of the most important world´s tech conference: Collison Conference.

"If the process of innovation is the essence of our company, we must also demand high degree of innovation on ourselves."

The Collision Conference will take place in New Orleans, EEUU (1-4 May). It is the most important world´s conference that gathers some of the most innovative companies in the digital content landscape. Among the most relevant companies you can name Facebook, Twitter, Uber,  AirBnB , and a Canarian company,, selected in a rigorous selection process in which more than a thousand companies around the world took part. is part of the Group Dealup & Parters and has three startups that are shaking up the digital landscape:, and, the last one is an app that have attracted the interest of companies and investors from EEUU. The app simplifies the staffing management and recruitment process, a potential market that moves more than $4.4 billion per year just in EEUU.

Borja Blond, its founder, states that there are many reasons for a digital company to be established in the Canary Islands, like the excellent flight connection, the climatology, but mainly the especial conditions offered by the Canary Island Special Zone (ZEC) and the support provided by the Canary Government through the agency for overseas promotion, PROEXCA. All together helps companies to be among a selected club reserved only for a few companies worldwide.

Coduxe is a digital studio focused on the creation, design and development of digital businesses. It was born into the international consulting firm Dealup & Partners. Among its customers it counts Globalia, TripAdvisor or Realted Group.

Among the services it provides to third parties you may highlight the design and creation of digital business models through a unique system that analyzes business processes and find opportunities, helping companies to acquire competitive advantages in their respective sectors through the fast scalability of the developed solutions.

“If the process of innovation is the essence of our company, we must also demand high degree of innovation on ourselves” states Borja Blond, CEO. That statement is revealed in the implementation of many digital projects, the main ones being: is other solution that has attracted a lot of interest from companies like Indeed Jobs; the solution helps to measure customer service processes   in many business sectors like banking, retail, or tourism. It uses a Mystery Shopping cloud that integrates a powerful business intelligence and it has showed an improvement in customer satisfaction and sale rates in the processes it has been used. is the last and according to the Coduxe staff the funniest one. It consists on the digitalization and gamification of the traditional Porras futbolísticas (football betting odds), and it is currently being implemented by many Spanish football league teams and the English premier league.


“The goal of the company is to increase the number of the programmers in the islands up to more than one hundred, a number we can reach during 2018  depending at a large extent on our attending to that kind of conferences”


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria                                         From Collision Conference
Laura Guerra 
                                                                     Borja Blond

Expansion Manager                                                        CEO

Tel:  +34 928 367 447                                                     Tel: +34 680 184 324

Translated by  Daniel Palacios Martínez,  March  7 th 2018


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