ADM Tech, a high level of technology flights’ canary company

Monday, 09 April 2018

ADM Tech (Aerodesign and Manufacturing Technology, S.L), is a recent canary company of aeronautic design and manufacturing components which belongs to Binter system and whose production plant is located in Telde (Gran Canaria). It is constantly providing excellent commercial news in just its first year of existence.

"The EN9100 standard is an international reference recognized for the quality system of the aeronautical industry and it is accepted by the world’s leading aeronautical manufacturers, such as Airbus, Boeing, General Electric and Rolls-Royce, which are multinationals that demand it from their suppliers as a basic requirement in order to establish business relationships."












This company, mainly design for the development of aeronautical commissions in the islands, has been able to manufacture up to 145 different pieces in just 12 months, most of them as spare parts for airplanes and not only those that look the brand Binter.


Luis Bernal Alemán, CEO of ADM Tech, is a manager with an extensive experience in companies of the so-called Binter system. Bernal, whose main training is the one related with aircraft service technician, began his professional career at Binter in 1988. Nowadays, at the head of ADM Tech, he is absolutely proud of his new private business organization Binter, of which he speaks with a lot of passion and extraordinary charm.


In ADM Tech, a company that has an invoicing of around two million Euros as well as a staff of 36 employees, a youthful atmosphere is breathed and it is very easy to perceive the remarkable qualification of its workers at the same time. They have a great contribution the group of those who are graduates in aeronautical or industrial engineering, most of them trained at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University.


According to what Luis Bernal Alemán said, this company has everything to succeed, which for now certainly gets and, it is also expected to consolidate in the future in its new location, since it will move its location within Gran Canaria.

The strategy to depend less on the outside

Bernal highlights many values of ADM Tech, especially the uniqueness that it is a very advanced entity in technology and the only company that makes what is its main role in Spain: the design and manufacture of parts and components for the airplanes.

Thanks to ADM Tech, Bernal says, "Binter does not depend on the foreign market to provide itself with the parts needed, and in just 20 days. It is a very good delivery time for the order; otherwise, it would be in the three months."


In order to be able to occupy himself to the production of airplane parts, the CEO of ADM Tech warns that this company has had to obtain several international certifications of demanding access: EASA.21J.457, related to the design of aeronautical components, and ES.21G.0023, that is linked to the production of those. The company also counts on ISO 9001.

 ADM Tech integrates two areas of work: one of design, which has the official DOA certification and which is supervised by the European Security Agency (EASA); and another production area, which holds the POA certification, under the control of the Spanish Security Agency (AESA).

 This Canary company already produces 40% more than what was initially planned for its first year of operation. “We are cautions because we have to do things well, which is ensuring the market,” states Bernal as a strategy. The company, which relies so much on new technologies, research and on innovation, currently has Binter as its main client, but that is not the only one, since ADM Tech provides services to others too, including the very well-known companies such as Air Nostrum, RAM and Air Europa among others.

Having all the certifications and authorizations in order

The ADM Tech entity will be able to consolidate its activity thanks to the fact that it has recently obtained the international certification EN 9100, related to the design, manufacturing and integration of aeronautical systems as well as different parts of aircraft in the field of cabin interiors and secondary structure with a variety technologies and materials.

That achievement has opened the doors (it has opened also those of the aircraft manufacturer, the most relevant brand in Binter fleet) and it recognizes the quality of  the manufacturing system of ADM Tech in technical plastics and polymers destined to aviation that are elaborated by thermoforming and injection, both in composite  materials with carbon fiber and fiberglass as in textiles (leathers, fabrics, foams and carpets); in metal machining; in signs and signage for the internal and external part of the aircraft, and even in the design of the change of configuration of the cabin or in the design and manufacturing of aeronautical tools.

The notification of that recognition has coincided with the first anniversary of ADM Tech’s launch, which, according to the firm's management’s sources, "is the evidence of the quality of the work carried out in this company, with an incredible offer in Spain which is developed entirely in Canary Islands.”

The EN 9100 standard is a internationally recognized reference for the quality system of the aeronautical industry. Its nomenclature is AS 9100 in North America, EN 9100 in Europe and JISQ 9100 in Japan. This certification is accepted by the most important aeronautical manufacturers in the world, such as Airbus, Boeing, GE (General Electric) and Rolls-Royce, which are multinationals that demand it from their suppliers as a basic requirement to establish business relationships.

From Canary Islands to the whole world

ADM Tech has gone on to the islands’ business history as the first local industry capable of making pieces for aviation with only local means.

Unlike the rest of the Spanish companies in the same sector, which are mainly focus on the production of textiles and the manufacturing of large components, the essential value of ADM Tech is the production of small aeronautical components on a large scale, which makes it in an exclusive signature in Spain.

In addition, one of its main values is that it uses its own designs and produces aeronautical parts with means and instruments developed by the local industry, in many cases also by the personnel of the company itself.

For the design or reproduction of parts or components which are later produced by ADM Tech in its plant in Gran Canaria, the company has acquired this year a mobile scanner that is unique in the Canary Islands. Apart from this powerful investment in advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, ADM Tech supports its final work in the previous construction of the instruments or machines used in the manufacturing or reproduction of parts, as CEO explains.

Bernal also emphasizes that the mobile scanner facilitates its movement, for instance, to the airplanes or to the cabin, where is located the piece that must be replaced and therefore it is necessary to re-manufacture.



Luis Bernal Alemán CEO ADM Tech 

Tel: +34 606042591



Translation: Raquel Odeh Santana



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