EDOSOFT FACTORY: the internationalization of the added value on GSuite and Google Cloud Platform

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Edosoft Factory has 12 years of experience in technological consultancy and it has been in a continuous expansion. It is a member of Clúster Canarias de Excelencia Tecnológica and it has a multidisciplinary team consisting of more than 45 qualified engineers in its staff and it also has capacity for development and consultancy of more than 90,000 annual hours.

Edosoft provides services of Technology Consultancy and Specialised Training in Virtualization technologies, Containerization, Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise, as well as activities related to Software Security and Quality on the Internet, Systems with High Performance Requirements, Complex Architectures and System of Shared Resources.

"The first problem you face when internationaze a product is often related to the lack of knowledge of the target market. Therefore, the best way to cope with these difficulties is liked with the study of the markets, flexibility, willingness to visit each other meeting potential costomers."

What is the main activity of the company nowadays?

Edosoft is currently focusing on its work as Google Cloud Partner, which brings the Digital Transformation to both companies and public administrations of the Canary Island and expand markets to the Iberian Peninsula, Brazil, Portugal and Germany.

We work on services of added value on Google Cloud Platform, Chrome and GSuite in order to support and assist companies and public entities on their ways to improve efficiency and productivity through Digital Transformation processes.

Why is it interesting for business development to look at foreign markets? 

By means of G Suite tools, companies works with high-level processes in which the digital skills improve the results and facilitate the communication between the staff of different headquarters. Thus, the internationalization is the next step of this product.

Since the Canary Islands are our starting market, the cooperation with foreign markets is necessary for expanding the local business. Moreover, the trend of the recent years shows that more and more business groups from other countries have decided to invest in the Canary Islands. Therefore, looking at foreign markets and promoting the communication and cooperation between different parts of the world offers a unique opportunity for business development.

What projects are you currently carrying out abroad? In what countries and why?

We are working in Citizenship Participation and Communication and Cooperation Tools with different customers from the Iberian Peninsula, such as Aguas de Valladolid and Marchamalo.

We also have an active project in Brazil: Produban. It is a development project that includes the use of several technologies among with Spring Boot and AngularJS stands out. Besides the agreed projects, Edosoft Factory have several national proposals and we are beginning to establish in Germany.

Working in the Iberian Peninsula is usually the first step of internationalization, so that we have used this market as a springboard for the rest of the target markets. Our purpose is to use this experiences as a guarantee of our good work beyond the Canary Islands.

As regards Brazil, it is a market that we have not planned to enter in 2017. However, due to our good relationships with companies that are developing projects there, we have been able to start working in this new market through a Software consultancy, with communications based always in the GSuite tools.

What product or service are the most interesting for their internationalization?

Edosoft Factory has been able to check that the most interesting services regarding internationalization are tools of management, communication and cooperation, since they are closely related to the multisite work.

Moreover, the work in the cloud goes beyond facilitating routine processes of the management of the company, because it guarantees the security and gives new possibilities to develop applications. Thus, we consider that tools, such as Google Cloud Platform, open a range of new possibilities to developers all over the world through the use of Infrastructures, Software and Platforms as services (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS).

What problems have you faced when going abroad? How have you solved them? Have you received any support?

The first problem you face when you internationalize a product is often related to the lack of knowledge of the target market. Therefore, the best way to cope with these difficulties is linked with the study of the markets, flexibility, willingness to visit each other and meeting potential customers.

Solving this types of problems would have been impossible without the financial support of grants, such as Canarias APORTA, since there are items adapted to each need that may arise during the internationalization process. Thus, due to the appropriate funding and consultancy, the necessary studies can be done in order to work in foreign markets and to travel in order to prospect and provide a complete service to our clients.

Have you achieved any achievement abroad?

At the moment, our greatest international achievement is related to keeping our project active in Brazil, endorsed by our experience as a Software consultancy. Nevertheless, we are working on a project during this year in order to internationalize us towards other European countries, such us Germany.

Has it been easy to internationalize? How did your experience begin?

The experience of Edosoft Factory in internationalization begins by promoting the use of Cloud technologies in multisite companies, since, in general, although they are companies with a large presence in the Canary Islands, management is usually centralized in the Iberian Peninsula or other foreign markets.

Why would you recommend internationalization?

Although going abroad always entails a lot of effort and planning, it is a necessary and enriched process for the company, because it contributes greatly to its development.


Juan Alberto Vera Gómez

Executive Director of Edosoft Factory

Tel.: +34 828 021 575 

Email: juan.vera@edosoft.es 

Web: www.edosoft.es/


Translated by  Haridian Suárez González,  Junary 17th 2019


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