intraHouse: Canarian innovative technology with Norwegian roots

Friday, 18 January 2019

intraHouse Spain is an ICT innovative hub where we work mainly with web platforms and high quality mobile apps for companies of any size, country or sector. In addition to creating customized solution for our national and international customers, we also have our own solutions that deal with a wide variety of areas which are focus on meeting the needs of the current digital entities.

The company was born four years ago in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a logistic hub of the Norwegian company intraHouse, which have more than 20 years of experience creating some of the most innovative mobile solutions on the market in the United Kingdom, East Europe, Canada and the USA. intraHouse Spain has remained at the forefront of R&D and software development since its creation. It is focus on both the creation of new products and the analysis of problems and the improvement of the existing ones.

"Although the Canary Islands are a small place, they are well located. We are in a choice location for marking a leap forward which is very necessary in any company that wants to diversify and expland itserf."


What is it the main activity of the company nowadays?

Nowadays, part of the intraHouse team is focus on the implementation of specific projects for national and international customers, and the other part is working on our own products:, and OneMobileTool. is a geolocation platform which gives live to the city that you want to visit. It is available as a web site and as a mobile app. This solution offers the users everything they need to interact with any city in the world in an easy and rapid way. is a platform that act as an intranet and extranet in both desktop and mobile version. It has innovative cooperation and project management tools designed to improve efficiency of the companies in a dynamic way.

OneMobileTool is a mobile platform that simplifies the creation and the management of hybrid and natives apps. This solution allows the customer or partner to create an app without needing programming knowledge and to administrate the content of the app in real time through a web control panel.

Moreover, we are proud to say that we have just reached a cooperation agreement with the American company DigitalTown, so that we are dedicating a great amount of resources in this relationship in order to being ready for a joint launch that will take place soon.

Why is it interesting for business development to look at foreign markets?

intraHouse Spain is a company born in an international scenery, and we believe that this way of working and seeing things has helped us greatly when we it comes to outsourcing and creating powerful synergies outside the Spanish border. We live in a globalized world that is increasingly connected and in which there are countless possibilities to do business and cooperate with entities from anywhere. Although the Canary Islands are a small place, they are well located. We are in a choice location for making a leap forward which is very necessary in any company that wants to diversify and expand itself.

What projects are you currently carrying out abroad? In what countries and why?

With the aim of seizing the opportunity that ICT activities offer in Europe and USA, we incorporate two export managers in the workforce to investigate which countries were the more suitable for us and our products. After this thorough examination, we travelled to USA, Portugal, United Kingdom and Norway in order to stablish relationships with various institutions and organizations, which have led to new customer and partners.

Certainly, the most important relationship was the one between intraHouse Sapin and DigitalTown, a company located in USA that has the powerful purpose of transforming any city in the world into a Smart City. Digitaltown is an innovative platform of “CityShares” that helps people to search, connect and buy locally in more than 22,000 cities around the world.

What products or services seems more interesting for their internationalization?

One of the main problems when it comes to internationalizing a product are the physical and economic barriers that can be found in the target country. However, at intraHouse Spain we know that technology offers you great opportunities to internationalize products and services that can be commercialized and advertised via digital channels.

It all depends on the type of the product or service and the target country, but there are countless markets and tools that can be used either to introduce a product elsewhere or to meet a local partner that helps you in the internationalization process.

What problems have you faced when going abroad? How have you solved them? Have you received any support?

Definitively, the first problem you face when you decide to internationalize is to find the right market to do it. The world is enormous and sometimes your best purpose is not the most evident one, so we decided to count on the support of PROEXCA and its export managers (whom we sent to USA, UK and Norway) to help us choose the best option for us.

The second major problem, and generally the most important, is the economic one. Can I afford to invest what I have to invest in order to obtain a foothold in another country? One more time, in this case we count on the help of PROEXCA and Canarias Aporta to finance half of our internationalization expenses. This allows us to carry out many more activities than we could have done on our own.

Have you achieved any achievement abroad?

As I have said before, we are currently working with DigitalTown to launch its platform based on the Blockchain. It aims to promote the local economic development by preventing local money from going abroad through big platforms as Google, Expedia or Amazon. In addition to DigitalTown, we have several liaisons that have offered a wide range of possibilities and that have led to a greater number of customers who are interested in both our customized products and our own solutions.

Has it been easy to internationalize? How did your experience begin?

intraHouse itself is a company that emerges from an international environment, so its viewpoint contemplates to work globally, directing its efforts to offer services to anywhere. And, as the same way, developing and innovating to meet the needs of both global demands and those more specific to a certain population or geographic sector. Therefore, we took into account the choice location where we are placed and we believed that we had possibilities to catch the attention abroad, so we decided to take the risk.

Nonetheless, internationalization is never easy and there are problems like the ones mentioned above. However, it is not an impossible task and there are many institutions that can help you to do it.

Why would you recommend internationalization?

Although I have talk about the positive side of the globalization, we also have to bear in mind the negative side. Greater opportunities means greater competitiveness, and it is increasingly difficult to obtain a foothold in any activity. The Canary Islands have very specific geographic and a demand limitations, so we think that going abroad it is completely necessary in order to grow as a company.


Karen Floyd

CEO, intraHouse Spain


Translated by  Haridian Suárez González,  Junary 17th 2019


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