Nektium – Integrates traditional knowledge, nature and science to produce vegetable extracts.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Nektium Pharma SL (Nektium) was founded in 1997 by Dr. Miguel Jiménez in Las Palmas. This is a B2B Enterprise which is focused on research, development and production of natural active ingredients. It offers their products to nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years ago. Their natural extracts contribute to keep us healthy and to improve the life quality of the human being through nutrition.

The growing interest of the society in having a healthy life trough prevention and the consumption of natural products has become a huge growth opportunity to Nektium which offers products with scientific base and propelled by investigation and innovation.

"Last 2018 we were honoured by the prize for best ingredient to sport nutrition in Europe (Nutraingredients Awards 2018) and we were finalist for the best weight-loss product in Asia(Vitafoods Asia 2018). This help to reinforce the bet of Nektium for developing innovative products."

What is currently the main activity of the Enterprise?

The range of products produced by Nektium in Arinaga, Gran Canaria, is classified into three different categories:

1. Products with their own brand

This is the result of the Nektium’s effort trough R&D departments and Process Technology departments in the development of innovative products, with scientific support and clinical studies. They are positioned in the sector as a differential product with value-added compared with other products offered by other enterprises.

2. Generic products

Standardized extracts of all types of vegetal origin (plants, seaweeds, roots, seeds, leaves...) and traditional use made by GMP conditions (Good Manufacturing Practice) and passing trough strict quality standards.

3. R&D Services

It is based on the experience in Research and Development as well as on the area of Process Technology of isolation, purification and the processing of active ingredients of natural origin. Nektium has a team of 7 doctors and 5 qualified technicians what it means that they can solve problems with customized solutions depending on customer requirements and needs.

Why is interesting to the business development to investigate foreign markets?

Nektium has been, from its very beginning, an enterprise with international vocation, focused on the main nutraceuticals markets which are mostly located in North-America, Asia and Europe. That’s why the internationalisation was a key to ensure the company’s growth.

What projects are currently making abroad? Which countries and why?

In the last years, onee of the main objectives of Nektium has been to increase its geographical presence. Nektium has 20 years of experience in the marketing of vegetal extracts in North-America. However, there were very interest markets like the European or Asiatic that weren’t being well exploited.   

After analyze different markets, we realise that the South-Korean market provided opportunities to our products by being a market with an elevated and steady growth rate for the next years. It’s also a very good option since they have a good perception of European manufacture. Nowadays, we are located in 32 countries in the world, especially in USA, South Korea and Japan, but we keep going with our expansion process.

Which products or services do you think that are the more interesting to internationalise?

In general our offer is based on global products although in some cases like the Korean market we produce exclusive references. It is important to say that in our sector the trends doesn’t change so much among developed countries. Nevertheless, each market has its own characteristics that we have to consider when we want to internationalise. That is why is so important to plan a previous investigation of our offer and also to study the potential demand that these markets can bring you.

European manufacture products have a lot of recognition in any market and have the added value for being protected products with brands and patents. Also, in nutracentical industry is increasing the fact that the products have to be supported by clinical studies which prove its effectiveness and security. From Nektium, we are focused in develop products with a high added value in each link of the value chain: from the supply of raw material, the control of the quality in the processes and products, the development and the formulation of safe products with proven clinical success.

What problems have you had when you go abroad? How could resolve them? Have you received support?

The main obstacle that we find in this industry is in the regulatory framework. By commercialise vegetal extracts, which are considered food products, they have to fulfil some requirements that vary in each country. The opening strategy of new markets that we have been realising for the last years is focused in the search of distributors with a huge knowledge of the markets where they work. This brings us first-hand information of the market needs and also the regulatory specifics of it.   

Have you achieved any accomplishment at international level?

Last 2018 we were honoured by the prize for best ingredient to sport nutrition in Europe (Nutraingredients Awards 2018) and we were finalist for the best weight-loss product in Asia (Vitafoods Asia 2018). This helps to reinforce the bet of Nektium for developing innovative products. In terms of markets, Nektium has become the first Spanish exporter enterprise of vegetal extracts to South-Korea what it means that we are having a better acceptance and presence in the Korean market.

Has been easy to operate abroad? How did your experience begin?

Our experience has been exceptional since our first commercial experience was 20 years ago and it was international (USA market). Nektium identified from its origins an opportunity that required a scientific-technical development that we could realize from Island Canaries. Even so, the beginning was not easy and it has been needed many years to expand our business and the activity of the enterprise in the International market.

Why do you recommend go abroad?

The internationalisation has been always present in Nektium from its beginnings and it has contributed to the growth of the company in these last 20 years. Focusing on go abroad has been an entirely success since it has allow us to diversify the risk avoiding the dependence in a unique market, to reinforce our offer by compete in an more extended market and to obtain the recognition in the sector like a innovated enterprise and with high quality standards. 


Dr. Miguel Jiménez

CEO of Nektium

Tel.: +34 928 734 132




Translated by: Paola Mosegue Negrín, FebrJanuary, 23rd 2019



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