intraHouse: Canarian innovative technology with Norwegian roots

Friday, 18 January 2019 EEUU Norway Portugal United Kingdom

"We live in a globalized world that is increasingly connected and in which there are countless possibilities to do business and cooperate with entities from anywhere. Although the Canary Islands are a small place, they are well located. We are in a choice location for making a leap forward which is very necessary in any company that wants to diversify and expand itself."


EDOSOFT FACTORY: the internationalization of the added value on GSuite and Google Cloud Platform

Thursday, 17 January 2019 Brazil Germany Portugal Spain

“More than 12 years of experience as a software consultancy lead Edosoft Factory to support Google products and to promote the cooperation work through tools such as GSuite and Google Cloud Platform, which favours the relationship between multi-site companies and promotes the internationalization of companies with Carian origins.”


Aerolaser System, LiDAR technology and advanced photogrammetry

"We consider our greatest achievement the sale of our product AeSystem, a technological and specific product of the market, which is having very good acceptance. At the same time, AeSystem has allowed us to carry out different projects successfully, which are distributed to different countries across the three continents. As an indicative of this achievement, currently the 70% of the annual turnover comes from the international market."


Domingo Alonso Group — A technological company specialised in the automotive sector

“Domingo Alonso Group, more than 1.500 people focused on offering mobility services to their present and future customers, with advanced technological development in more than 35 countries."

Woosung IB Europe, from the Canary Islands to the five continents

Woosung IB Europe, from the Canary Islands to the five continents

"Currently, our greatest achievement is to be selling in a regular basis in four of the five continents. For achieving that goal we had the support of PROEXCA and the Canarias Aporta program that allowed us to be present in many international fairs in our sector, and also to conduct research missions."





CATESA: the art of doing business with flowers and plants in Europe

“Our best achievement is that we continue with our exports despite the time that has passed since we started with the company. We improved our quality systems by the application of homologated rules like the global gap for flowers and vegetables, and the MPS for ornamental plants, in terms of waste treatment and environmental issues. "




Galileo, export experience in administrative systems to Latin America


"...the leap into foreign countries was natural steps when we had practically cornered the canary market. As we have a digital product easily adapted to the regulations of the different countries, was relatively easy to look for projects that permit internationalize our activity."



ASOCAN: Plants from the Canary Islands to the World

The Canarian Harvesters and Exporters of Flowers and Live Plants Partnership (ASOCAN, its Spanish acronym) is a non-profit agrarian association created by flower and live plant producers in the Canary Islands. We have a high representation, since more than 90 % of the agrarian companies of the ornamental sector in the Canary Islands are members of the Partnership. Since 2009, we also manage the representation of the gardening companies within the sector, but we only have the majority representation in the island of Tenerife in this field.



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