EDOSOFT FACTORY: the internationalization of the added value on GSuite and Google Cloud Platform

Thursday, 17 January 2019 Brazil Germany Portugal Spain

“More than 12 years of experience as a software consultancy lead Edosoft Factory to support Google products and to promote the cooperation work through tools such as GSuite and Google Cloud Platform, which favours the relationship between multi-site companies and promotes the internationalization of companies with Carian origins.”


Aerolaser System, LiDAR technology and advanced photogrammetry

"We consider our greatest achievement the sale of our product AeSystem, a technological and specific product of the market, which is having very good acceptance. At the same time, AeSystem has allowed us to carry out different projects successfully, which are distributed to different countries across the three continents. As an indicative of this achievement, currently the 70% of the annual turnover comes from the international market."

Suertes del Marqués: on the way to quality and specificity outside

Suertes del Marqués: on the way to quality and specificity outside

Internationalization? "I would recommend it because in Canary Islands we have high quality products and services which can be exported. However, the “inferiority” insecurity of Canary Islands’ people creates a fear that makes they don’t face this kind of adventures. By having quality it is possible to export with guarantees."




CATESA: the art of doing business with flowers and plants in Europe

“Our best achievement is that we continue with our exports despite the time that has passed since we started with the company. We improved our quality systems by the application of homologated rules like the global gap for flowers and vegetables, and the MPS for ornamental plants, in terms of waste treatment and environmental issues. "




‘La Molineta’, producing ‘gofio’ for 150 years

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 Germany Japan Spain USA

Their last product is a monodosistipe of ‘gofio’. “We have made those boxes specially to be used in schools, hotels and hospitals from across the region. Nevertheless, we are working to make these products available for everyone”, stated Mr. García. “Now, those boxes can be bought at some department stores, such as ‘El Corte Inglés’, and then, they will be sold here at the factory shop, and even outside the Islands, because we are starting to work for selling abroad”.


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