Marco & María: Designing bridal fashion for the world

Their successes include: presenting their first collections at the Cibeles Fashion Show and at the Paris Fair, designing the wedding dress for Raquel Perera for her wedding with Alejandro Sanz, representing Spain at the World Fashion Exhibition, creating collections for the world's leading crystal firm Swarosvki, appearing in the major international fashion and ceremony magazines, and dressing celebrities like Marta Sanchez, Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lange among others.





Nektium – Integrates traditional knowledge, nature and science to produce vegetable extracts.

Monday, 18 February 2019 Japan South Korea USA

"The internationalisation has been always present in Nektium from its beginnings and it has contributed to the growth of the company in these last 20 years. Focusing on go abroad has been an entirely success since it has allow us to diversify the risk avoiding the dependence in a unique market, to reinforce our offer by compete in an more extended market and to obtain the recognition in the sector like a innovated enterprise and with high quality standards. "

ADM Tech, a high level of technology flights’ canary company

Monday, 09 April 2018 France Spain United Kingdom USA

The company integrated in the Binter system, the only one in its specialty in Spain, designs and produces aeronautical parts and components in Gran Canaria, an offer that is then sold inside and outside the islands. The company has just completed one year and already has all the necessary authorizations and certifications to work with the main airlines and aircraft manufacturers.


‘La Molineta’, producing ‘gofio’ for 150 years

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 Germany Japan Spain USA

Their last product is a monodosistipe of ‘gofio’. “We have made those boxes specially to be used in schools, hotels and hospitals from across the region. Nevertheless, we are working to make these products available for everyone”, stated Mr. García. “Now, those boxes can be bought at some department stores, such as ‘El Corte Inglés’, and then, they will be sold here at the factory shop, and even outside the Islands, because we are starting to work for selling abroad”.


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