CATESA: the art of doing business with flowers and plants in Europe

“Our best achievement is that we continue with our exports despite the time that has passed since we started with the company. We improved our quality systems by the application of homologated rules like the global gap for flowers and vegetables, and the MPS for ornamental plants, in terms of waste treatment and environmental issues. "




ASOCAN: Plants from the Canary Islands to the World

The Canarian Harvesters and Exporters of Flowers and Live Plants Partnership (ASOCAN, its Spanish acronym) is a non-profit agrarian association created by flower and live plant producers in the Canary Islands. We have a high representation, since more than 90 % of the agrarian companies of the ornamental sector in the Canary Islands are members of the Partnership. Since 2009, we also manage the representation of the gardening companies within the sector, but we only have the majority representation in the island of Tenerife in this field.


Moringa: the life´s plant

Monday, 08 June 2015 Austria Germany Holland Spain Switzerland
  More than fifty hectares in around ten hired county estates from Barranco Hondo to San Miguel, and an invoicing building in the industrial estate of Güimar that provides job to forty people; those are the basics that brought to German company Moringa Garden, whose president is Andreas Kraus, to become a pioneer in a new sector in the Canary Islands.


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