Domingo Alonso Group — A technological company specialised in the automotive sector

“Domingo Alonso Group, more than 1.500 people focused on offering mobility services to their present and future customers, with advanced technological development in more than 35 countries."


EMICELA, S.A: The Canarian character of the internationalization

"For many Canary people it is hard to move abroad, and so it is to understand the know-how of tourism. We have to take advantage of our strategic location in Africa, America in Europe, and we need to integrate ourselves in the expansion that the Spanish companies are carrying out."



CATESA: the art of doing business with flowers and plants in Europe

“Our best achievement is that we continue with our exports despite the time that has passed since we started with the company. We improved our quality systems by the application of homologated rules like the global gap for flowers and vegetables, and the MPS for ornamental plants, in terms of waste treatment and environmental issues. "




Trazas Ingeniería: Engineering Abroad

Friday, 11 March 2016 Cape Verde Marocco Peru

We were forced to internationalize our company due to the economic crisis, especially in our sector. It has not been easy at all. It requires good deal of enthusiasm, focusing on a particular country, as far as possible, and looking for opportunities offered through the multilateral agencies by tenders and national bodies. Apart from having a sufficient provision of financial funds in order to be able to face the expenses of the process.



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