Marco & María: Designing bridal fashion for the world

Their successes include: presenting their first collections at the Cibeles Fashion Show and at the Paris Fair, designing the wedding dress for Raquel Perera for her wedding with Alejandro Sanz, representing Spain at the World Fashion Exhibition, creating collections for the world's leading crystal firm Swarosvki, appearing in the major international fashion and ceremony magazines, and dressing celebrities like Marta Sanchez, Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lange among others.





QSTAR ROV TRAINING & SUBSEA SOLUTIONS: Internacionalización bajo el mar

An internationalization process, as the Directors of QSTAR say, is a process that involves learning, reflection, professional growth, consolidation of the business process, the search of new business opportunities and the competitiveness improvement. At least this is what it has been like for the development of the company.

ASOCAN: Plants from the Canary Islands to the World

The Canarian Harvesters and Exporters of Flowers and Live Plants Partnership (ASOCAN, its Spanish acronym) is a non-profit agrarian association created by flower and live plant producers in the Canary Islands. We have a high representation, since more than 90 % of the agrarian companies of the ornamental sector in the Canary Islands are members of the Partnership. Since 2009, we also manage the representation of the gardening companies within the sector, but we only have the majority representation in the island of Tenerife in this field.



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