Aerolaser System, LiDAR technology and advanced photogrammetry

"We consider our greatest achievement the sale of our product AeSystem, a technological and specific product of the market, which is having very good acceptance. At the same time, AeSystem has allowed us to carry out different projects successfully, which are distributed to different countries across the three continents. As an indicative of this achievement, currently the 70% of the annual turnover comes from the international market."


Domingo Alonso Group — A technological company specialised in the automotive sector

“Domingo Alonso Group, more than 1.500 people focused on offering mobility services to their present and future customers, with advanced technological development in more than 35 countries."


DESIC, innovative solutions for road passenger transport companies, expands its activity overseas

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 Brazil Chile France Spain

"...,going overseas has been quite complicated because, although we had a team of professionals with extensive experience and success in projects of the field, we were “unknown” in view of the foreign market. But, at the same time, we had the first collaborative trade arrangements to work in Chile and Brazil markets in LATAM Airlines, and France and Spain in the European Union.”


Técnicas Competitivas: Firmly stepping overseas

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 Chile Ecuador Mauritania Mexico Spain

"The challenge now is to implement the system in other countries like Chile, having into account the necessary adaptations to the legal requirements of the country. Presently, these countries have that necessity, which is an opportunity for us. This is possible if we manage to reach local alliances that allow us to sale this kind of products and services."




R,D & I on environment and engineering: SIELTEC CANARIAS' story abroad

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 Argentina Chile Cuba France USA

Knowing that these products can be used in many parts of the world, and taking into account that local markets could not support our production, the only solution is going abroad quickly. We see that there is a demand that could be solved with our ideas. And in spite of international competitiveness, we see that we are capable of covering the international market quote in the next years.



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