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AXIONNET: Technological entrepreneurship to foreign markets

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AXIONNET comes to life in June of 2004 in Tenerife as a consultant of Computer Technology by the technological entrepreneur Pilar Luis Hernandez. Her aim is to apply the information technology to different productive activities in society. Her vision is to constitute itself like a leading company in the informative and technological areas offering professional and quality services.

The main goal of AXIONNET is to promote new technologies and to become a fundamental agent to have better levels of productivity and competence with other companies and in govern competence.

“Our strategic commitment is offering added value for our customers and to generate competitive advantages in their business activity.””If your company is not online, IT DOESN’T EXIST” #DigitalLeaders

«…the distance of our target markets (Panama and Venezuela) suppose an elevated cost when we visit our branches. Although most of our managements are online, it is always interesting to have a personal contant with our customers and partners.»


What is currently the main activity of the enterprise?

We are an enterprise specialized in consultancy, development of customized software, digitalisation of enterprises, electronic and system handling and, digital marketing.

The main development areas that we have are:

  • Design and development of projects and web/Smartphone apps with ultimate technology.
  • Development and customization of management business tools for specific needs (accounting. Management, personal, etc.)
  • Management of web and domain servers for enterprises (data storage, backups, hosting, hybrid clouds, cloud servers, etc.)
  • Technical advice, training and lessons to the correct use of computer tools (platforms and agents) that we integrate our services.
  • Search engine optimization, digital marketing, online advertising and social media management.

Why is interesting to the business development to investigate foreign markets?

We believe that in a world in constant change is needed the internationalisation to achieve a diversification in the business model but also an improvement of the competence. This allow us to give a better solution to the needs of the customer by having distinguish elements as well as multidisciplinary and culture human resources.

What projects are currently making abroad? Which countries and why?

We mainly work in apps of own development with high added value for the customers. So, we are currently making abroad an application of integral business management in the “cloud”, Administrative Agent (ERP). En e-commerce we count on with our own software of shop-online fully customizable for the customers with or without payment gateway. Besides, this shop-online has immediate integration with social media and ERP, creating our star product called “AXIONSUITE”, the best profitable shop online of the market. Finally, we develop digital marketing and manage social media.

We have offices in Venezuela and Panama due to we take the advantage of the huge previous and personal knowledge of our team in these countries. Our applications have been translated to Spanish but our products and services are in English.

What problems have you had when you go abroad? How could resolve them? Have you received support?

The main problem that we have is the distance of our target markets (Panama and Venezuela) what it means an elevated cost when we visit our branches. Although most of our managements are online, it is always interesting to have a personal contact with our customers and partners.

Furthermore, time difference (7 hours) makes a little bit unusual the working days. Apart of that, we have similar cultures (Spanish language and cultural relations) but sometimes the expressions we use have not the same meaning in each culture so this can be kind of confusing. However, this can be solved with the pass of the time.

Have you achieved any accomplishment at international level?

Yes, we do. Nowadays we have presence in Venezuela, Panama and Peninsula Ibérica.

Has been easy to operate abroad? How did your experience begin?

No, is not that easy. But we believe that with a suitable effort and support, it is possible to arrive to foreign markets. In our case has been Latin America.

Why do you recommend go abroad?

Yes, of course. We recommend go abroad since it is a new experience fulfilling both personally and professionally. And not only that, we can obtain a portfolio to increase the annual turnover and to face up to future crisis.


Pilar Luis Hernández

Engineer & CEO of Axionnet

Tel.: Canary Islands Head Office: +34 922 023 993 / +34 618 393 953

Tel.: Madrid  Head Office:  +34 669 789 998

Tel.: Panamá Head Office: +507 6252 9778

Tel.: USA Head Office: +58 241 617 8909 / +58 426 247 3193

Social networks: IG: pilar_axionnet / In: pilarluishernandez


Web: / Rrss: @axionnet /Skype: pilarl_ac