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The flavour of the banana from the Canary Islands is getting ready for European markets

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Ramos y Guevara S.L., is a company located in Sauzal and formed by two partners, Cristian Ramos, farmer and producer of red and white wines, and Carlos Guevara, horticulturist. They have been elaborating a fermented drink of the banana of the Canary Islands since 2013 and marketing this “wine” of the banana of the Canary Islands under the designation “Platé”.

Furthermore, wer are beginning to commercialize a banana sweet similar to a quince sweet or guava, but made with bananas of the Canary Islands.

What is the company’s main activity nowadays?

The main activity of the company is the manufacturing and marketing of Platé and banana sweets. Platé has a more complicated winemaking process than a traditional wine. It begins with the selection of quality bananas from the Canary Islands, manual peeling, carrying out a filtering process using our own technology and, finally, after fermentation period of three or four weeks, this banana wine is obtained. The main advantage is that this process is not adapted to harvest, as long as there is fruit, Platé can be produced. This is a handmade product, from the selection of the fruit, with an optimum state of ripeness, to bottling. They believe that this product can be a worthy representative of the quality of our islands as it combines centuries of tradition and history in the cultivation of bananas and our fame in winemaking.

Why do you find it interesting for business development to look at overseas markets?

Our interest in overseas markets is based on the possibility of increasing our sales, since the island territory is limited, so we believe that exporting our products can generate more sales and therefore higher profits.

The tourists who visit us every year and try our product have a pleasant memory of its flavour that is identified with the banana and the Canary Islands. This is a good promotion to then export this product to those countries.

What projects are you currently carrying out abroad? In which countries and why?

Today, we are holding negotiations with a wine retail chain in the UK that chain that have already tasted our product and are interested in marketing it, we are agreeing the terms of payment and delivery, and hope that soon we reach an agreement for exports to proceed. This country is of very great interest due to the volume of wine consumed, especially white ones.

We are also interested in countries such as Germany and France, where we believe we can introduce our product. However, we have not undertaken any action in these countries yet.

In United States market, we are negotiating with a distributor to discuss the possibilities to place our product on it.

For the Chinese market, we are talking to a Spanish company that already has a presence in that market and distributes other wines in that country. We are waiting for a response.

Which products or services do you find most interesting to internationalize?

Both Platé and banana sweets are the only products in the European market, therefore we consider them to be attractive products for potential consumers and we believe that both could be successful. It should be taken into consideration that bananas are the agricultural product par excellence in the Canary Islands and for which it is known outside; therefore, Platé could be a representative product of our Islands.

What problems have you encountered when exporting? How did you resolve them? Did you receive support?

The main problems have been discussing with customers the terms of payment and transport. We are trying to negotiate these aspects so that we can overcome these obstacles. When it comes to support, we have not received any.

Have you achieved any international goals?

Today, we are discussing with several distributors in European countries in order to reach a distribution agreement. We firmly believe that this product can be sold in European markets because of its drink characteristics as an aperitif.


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